innocence undone


no need to tell me

i can taste it in your kiss.

i'm so old, i feel it inside

pull your hand away

before i take you to hell

satisfy this need of mine

look to my eyes just one more time

feel it slipping away

piece by piece

and day by day

inoccence undone

show you how the world works

show you how i really am

lets take this one more step

its allright

this feels so good

but oh so wrong

let the conflict take you in

feel the glory in the sin

satisfy your inside

ignore that voice in your mind

let me show you life

innocence undone

strip away your blanket

replace it with a gun

is there enough for me?

wrap it around us

shield us from this world

i've been there, and i have to go back

lie down, hold me and tell me

just how your world works

let me forget mine

lie down, hold me, and show me

that the sun still shines

help me to reclaim

my innocence undone

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