pound me once again

tell me that i'm nothing

tell me what i'm not

pound me once again

if i live to see again

another sunrise

stormy, cloudy skies

the love thats in your eyes

what else can i do


nothing to say

i can't prove myself

nor can anyone else

nothing worth my time

i'm worth no one

i'm worth nothing

tell me something else

tell me how it felt

to hear me spill my love for you

tell me how it felt

to tell me "go to hell"

tell me what you think

when i was pulled from the brink

of death

what must i do

to prove myself to you

to prove my worth

to friends and family

how many must i save?

which dragon must i slay?

tell me

how can i prove myself

to you

if i have no faith

in anything

not even me

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