what alone is worth fighting for

worth giving up all you know

what alone is worth dying for

worth reaping what you sew

a man with a gun, behind the stick of a plane

living fast with the guns, diving into fame

martydom's price is all but high

your life snuffed out

in the blink of an eye

bravery and slavery, peas in a pod

immortal life, a hero is a god

give your life for the good of a nation

a heroic death, media sensation

martyrs, they live forever

martyrs, they're never in the wrong

to do what is right is only in your mind

to survive by all means

is what's really divine

live or die, a simple choice

either way leaves no real freedom

die as a soldier or die an old man

be used as the sword, liberty's hand

martyrs, what god allways wants

martyrs, patriots will haunt.

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