inspiration for suicide

hey you

mr. shit talkin son of a bitch

you're a living inspiration

for suicide

gonna take you out

break your neck

another reason

for genocide

gonna try

to find a reason

to let you slide

piercing the skin of a dragon

for the thousandth time

do you think you can take me down?

do you think that i'll let you go without a fight?

ignorance and arrogance is no way to die

you live in a world that will soon be dying

you can't even try to be a  man

to equal half of me

i have realized that you just don't know the way

now that you're here, i see it oh so clear

time to break your fucking nose

once again

you're just another shit talkin' punk to me

another isnpiration for what i never fucking wanna be

fucking put up or back up, shut up and act like

you fucking should, another shit stain on the undies

of the world, another one that could

drive me over the edge

fuck you

fuck you

fuck you a thousand times

till you get it through your head

i won't tell you another time

just fuck off

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