slave to my mind

and then i close my eyes

so much better to be

a simple slave

a bad dream

simple servant

close my eyes

god speaks now

i'm so afraid to let it show

speak out

bow down

slave to the dreams

ripped out seems

bow down

slave to my own mind

a woman's touch

a lover's thought

the battles fought

for something not

worth fighting for

so much further from today

a slave to my own mind

bow down  


Dream Dream

lose my balance once more

scrape me from the floor

beaten, bloody,

kicked once more

my dreams roll me once again

god ignores my words again

bow down

smother under failure

the chains

the chains

can i break them

the chains

the chains

they hold me

set me free

end it all

end it now

bury me with honesty

the truth shall set me free

smother me with failure

bow down

a slave to my own mind

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