gunshot lullaby

hush little boy

please baby don't cry

just another happy ending

a gunshot lullaby

a street life and a sharp knife

no way to go

living on death row

too deep in the valley

too deep in the valey

your cradle is the shadow of death

just a gunshot lullaby

sent by angels of gangs

the demons in blue

an AK for fangs

Hush little baby, please dont' cry

mommy's here to rock you

a gunshot lullaby

your fairy tales are gangsters

the dragon's a cop

forget the buried gold

just roll another shop

a gunshot lullaby

bedtime crimes

you'll be raised on impulse

and fed by the gov

you'll learn that crime is the best

allways wear gloves

You'll never leave here alive

this gunshot lullaby

bedtime of crime

baby boy's gonna grow up tall

a bright future of fighting

a blaze of gangsta glory dying

with a gun in his hand

cut by the whites

a simple racist mobland

your cradle is the shadow of death

you'll never have an option left

you were raised on gunshot lullabies

knowing from cradle till you die

a bedtime crime is an answer

to life

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