something i found in my closet

lie to me

tell me it'll be allright

tell me it's just another night

no it's not

never just another night

another fucking fight

just something i can't feel

just something i'll never feel

happiness enveloping me

shining through the misery

what then has pain become,

just a morose reason

to succumb

i don't know why i do things

i don't know what's right

i don't know how

to know when to fight

but god why must i see things through

why must i

put up with you

one last thing i can't ever lose

a heartful connection

with a whore like you

i don't want it but i can't lie

you kept me alive

when i should have died

thank god for loves and likes ahead

because god knows if it were only you

i'd be dead.

is this just another fucking night to me

is this another new misery?

fuck it all and fuck it fast

fuck your friendship how long it lasts

think that i can't just slip away

think i wanna see another day?

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