just a melody

life's just a melody

let it float on by

join in the dancing

live your life on the line

float with the sound of life

there's no shame in this

live for the pain in this

song of life that is only mine

where is the truth that lies

inside a lie's golden eyes

what happens to a man that is drowned

a soul's body never found

bring back the days without intimidation

taste glory's elimination

feel it deep stretching through your deep end

hold fast to feel it in your rear end

just a melody

i can't hear

just a melody

somewhere i'm not near

life's just a melody

a song and dance

life's just a melody

a rythm that i can't chance

bring it on hard

bring it on fast

i can't stand

to see this madness last

i say bring on now

bring it on then

i don't give a shit

bring it now

bring it fast

hold on tight

it'll kick your ass

life's just a melody

listen to the way it flows

life's just a melody

dancing on your toes

whoah now...

whoah now...

life's just a melody

listen to the sound it makes

life's just a melody

listen as the silence breaks


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