a chain

i've stretched my trust, just once more

took a chance, your foot in the door

it's a relief to try my belief

pick me up just to knock me down again

trusting in pain

heartbreak in rain

heal fresh wounds

battered heart,

make sure i'm sane

ease my pain

and pierece

my heart's armor

just one more time

once again whole, in love

sickening with colors of passion lost

to set me free

your heart must mask me

mask me with lies

we're going down together

burn in this private hell

going to fry together

living in a prison of passion

waiting for a soul to sell

the liquor numbs the spirit

a loving chain

our bodies locked together

swimming in each other's pain

suffering is a pleasure

a simple immortal chain

tihs is how i want to spend

all my final days

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