life story

born and wreathed in flame

god damn i'm insane

for the blood i've spilt

and the men i've killed

i draw my blood as an offering

penance for everything

feel my blissful pain

sound of the pour ing rain

a trial passed in fire

strangled with barbed wire

shedding blood like a snake sheds skin

live my life with penchant for sin

i know that when i die

i'm gonna fry

so i might as well have a good time

dead in body's mind

my soul is left behind

haunting this place

my demons left to face

i may be dead but i'm still kicking ass

it's not eh end you see

one more fight

set me free for

the fight tonight

death's a bitch you see

i fight tonight

stay alive for

my fight tonight

i know i will die  in

my final fight

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