the people farm

failures of the human race

launch our bodies into space

conquering planets unknown

yet we don't understand failures we've grown

at the people farm

space is the last frontier

one of it's kind

science forgets the greatest mystery

is our mind

homo-sapiens racing into space

man the witchcraft, win the race

score a victory, see more worlds

we're just drones leading colonies

sent by the people farm

million miles in the abyss

but what lies behind closed eyes?

listen to the scientists bleating

allways feeding lies to the people farm

flying, fleeing, farming fucking the system

spoil of war and spoil the cihld

things once though harsh and crazy

now thought mild at

the people farm

wondering where the brain cells going

harsh emotions block the way

and so we look to slay

them at the people farm

living lying fighting dying

refuting and disputing

ways to pass the time

learning from the people farm

spoonfed dribble spilling out

down our chest in our pants

each our children of the chance

for the people farm

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