death to my mind

what happened to my spirit

what happened to my soul

i've drowned in a river of pain

strung out my feelings

a life i feign

a thunder of emotion, lightning strikes

in my soul, the gap in my chest

helps me know, helps me hate

the feelings i know best

a rumble in the sky, my feelings die

death of my heart, torn apart

howling winds and pouring rains

hold my soul down, deep in pain

death seem a welcome burden

to end it all, to fade to black

lose my life in the conquest

of my soul

i'm so tired of being weak, such a rage pent up inside

i'm so tired of being driven, torment until i die

death seems it could save me, beat back what rapes me

in my mind

a flood of darkness drowns me

my aching heart pounds in my chest

the things you said weigh me down

pulling like shoes made of lead

you fucked me once and i forgave

fucked me twice and i thought you saved

fucked me again love i wont' lay down

any more, i can't live with you

lying to me, stabbing my back

here it is, now's the end

i won't take your bulllshit


i wear my blood on my sleeve

with my heart on my hands

no longer will love live

in this desolate land

(that was my soul)

i'm too tired and too tried to care for anyone

to care for someone else.

trust is  supposed to be a bond

not my personal hell

you crushed my spirit and left a scar on my soul

this is what i get for letting you in

no matter, never again.... will i be stupid

and let someone in.

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