friends of sin

living in a love that can never be,

tears the hope right out of me

makes me want someone special

it could be anyone

break it down to me softly

shoot down another one

the simple things that i want

leaves this existence mine to haunt

don't you think that its worthless?

given to everyone?

just like all the others

brought down with a gun

living in a lie that i can't tell

my mortal soul's personal hell

don't you want to break free?

from this delirium

break me up with a hammer

shoot me just for fun

living in a house that's made of glass

shatter it with a bold quick smash

bring it down all around me

hold me in a lock of pain

i just want the one i love

to come and cut the chain

just put me away

till the end of days

tighten the rope around my throat

stormy ocean, little boat

if you think i can stand it

you should just wait and see

nothing can disband it

i'm longing for release

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