friends of sin part 2

i'm your friend and that's what i'll have to be

loving you too much is simply killing me

i feel no anger, i don't want apology

i just want you to respect my humility

i won't bring it up again,

i'm sorry for your pain

i wish there's something i can do

to take it all away

you have what is in my heart

and i feel broke apart

i waited far too long to start

i hope you don't feel a hate for me

it takes all i have to bear this suffering

i'm sorry, it feels like insanity

forgive me please, of my humanity

try to be who you really are

don't hold back, you will go far

don't let baggage weigh you down

keep on waiting and you will drown

too many choices i have made

too long did my decision wait

forgive me for my sins

against the gods of my own friend

if you read this, it feels wrong

i'm just trying to sing my song

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