french toast emo

i smell you cooking every morning

and i can't help to gag. you make me sick

you're such a smelly creature, remind me of a hag

i wake, your greasy pop greets me

screaming hey! look! eat me!

chorus : and my heart will roast with the taste of french toast

i'll never greet the sun again, waking up in pain

to a world of empty, where nothing thrives and everything fries

i still feel you, in that crispy toast

on sweetened eggs, do you still taste of sugar, sugar?

abuseful why, burnin' deep fried, broken eggshell

awaken my hell, send me back there, this smell

reminds me of a love lost.

taste of sweet tooth kisses, blood stained lip gloss


taken me back to a time that i used to know

what happened then

so long ago

this burning hunger can't bring it in, this tasteful misery


the taste of your sweet kis

i do bitterly miss

thetouch of crumbling bread

brings back what uou said

all the i hate you's

just makes me want to lose


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