call to arms

it's so vain to cry

peace, peace, give me that piece of mind

there is no peace, war has left it behind

the next storm that sweeps will be

of clashing arms

stand we here? evading harm?

war is inevitable, let it come, come

i repeat, let it come

is life so dear, or peace so sweet?

do we wish to live

with shackled feet?

shall we resort to



shall we become slaves

to a nation?


and it seems like the world is our enemy

gates of hell flash upon me

i can't take this any more, i'll show you what i'm fighting for

give me liberty, or give me death, for i will fight for freedom, with my last dying breath

go now, ride to the town

take their flying flag, rip it down

spread the message to the city

don't sotp, hold 'em off

fight hard, try to gain

one more victory


feel the heat of battle

burning upon your face

bring them down

shower in disgrace

cut them down, like a tree

bring them down and we are free

tell me are we weak?

tell me we can't cope?

tell me to abandon my only hope?

i say now we are stronger,

when will we take up what is right?

get it up, go and fight


give me liberty, or give me death.

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