thoughts from first period

to live to die

to smile to cry

to fight to fly

to love to die

all i have is time to be buried alive

under six feet in time

so hard to live when you're living to die

find out the truth

find it's a lie

where we do go when there is no hope

false image idols?

a preacher? the pope?

six feet in time, six days behind

a hole in my heart, a gap in my mind

what does life show,

nothing but slow

painful memory

live love fight fuck

look out, to the right, duck!

too late, 'tis your fate

up your ass and down you go

pull it out your judas hole

rise or die, fall or fly

one or another, choose thy brother

medicines for sickness

medicines for hell

what medicine will truly heal me well?

a rip in the curtain is a crack in the sky

live and love well, till the day that you die

...not much longer for the time feels nigh

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