first crusade

send us to die

across the seas

fighting your war

one you'd have us believe

inspire us with fake hope

the truth is you're the antipope

slaughter the hoardes

break through their boards

smash to the holy land

chop off allah's right hand

the blood of the east flows

europe's purse grows

cut out his eyes

move under god's clever guise

holy war, a contradiction

who will give

the holy benediction

break on their land

like water on stone

cut through them

like a blade well honed

down with the scythe

and up with the blade

today we take life

tommorow we live our own

blood runs like water

nothing makes man hotter

than his fervor

what else would inspire

holy mass murder

the Holy See cannot see

this crusade against evil

nothing more

than the pope's feigned zeal

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