the way we fall

gravity must be true

just look at you

you lost it all

look at the way you fall

like the rain in the sky

the way everyone dies

man falls like the rain

from heaven, to eternal pain

angels to demons

high to low

down we go

no matter how high you fly

you will die

no matter what you do

oblivion ensues

the depths call

beckoning our fall

as humans, we jump

as souls, we're dumped

nobody wants death

but we all feel it's breath

this end we fear

so far,so near

you jump with doubt

or leap with faith

it doesn't matter really

we end up in the same place

dead as a doornail

silent as night

the place we think of

so full of fright

so why do we worry

we do we care

why do we look for

what's not really there

we all take the jump

we all bite the dust

we all simply do

what we all simply must

so face it with fear

face it with comfort

death is allways near

in a shape of some sort

hiding in the gun,

the knife, the bomb

waiting in shadows,

alleys, and roofs

lurking in the bright lights

and darkness

skittering behind you

watching you, finding you

it gathers up his power

and begins to devour

your heart, your strength, your life

so you jump into blackness,

darkness, and cold

seeing what's new

and allready old.

Death now takes you

baits you, and rapes you

life's now a dream,

of course that's what it seems

falling from grace

falling from pain

falling from heartache

falling from feuds deep ingrained

the things we feel

are no longer real

as we hit the bottom

reeking and rotten

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