build up your walls

i'll tear them down

the legend of your fall

the time is now

you try to hide,

cover up

the feelings inside

nothing you do

can hide the scars

can mask the emotion

can cover the pain

you fool them

you cant' fool me

i've been there baby,

i can see

emotions can't be painted over

i'll just find them slower

sheilding your face

you can't replace

emotions with fake smiles

so many grins, invisible sins

mask the pain as your soul is slain

others might be blind,

you'll soon find

i can see, i can feel and i know

doesn't take a doctor to show

you don't know yourself

you don't love yourself

you don't live your life

anger only covers up so much

smiles hide just a little

play it cool, play it off

it eats you inside,

mentally jerking you off

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