i'm tired of running

tired of fleeing

i'm tired of hiding

no retreat and no defeat,

today i don't stop 'till someone's dying

no more doubts and no more sorrow

no more saying "i'll do it tommorow"

the time is here

the time is now

with thoughts put to action

i no longer listen to the pathetic faction

i grew up and i grew strong

now i wise up and i rise up

to fight you, to beat you, to kill you.

enough's enough, you've gone too far.

put on your gloves, it's time to spar.

on this field of grief

and field of glory

i bring thee here to end your story

draw your blade and prepare to die

for no one wants it, more than i

slash and cut, bash and thrust

each stroke a play,

a graceful movement, in this deadly ballet

parry, fake, you're life's at stake

this deadly game of who is right

jump and dodge, as i try to lodge

my steely blade in thee

for hold you strong because i,

will show no mercy

guard and dance, our swords do prance

fighting eternally

but the time is nigh, and one must die

this duel of sanctity

a simple mistake sealed your fate

and now you're going down

in the blackness there is no sound

except for my laughing

honor avenged, scars revenged

emotional wounds now healed

as you lay dead,

now limp on this battlefield.

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