an urge

busted heart and broken dreams

empty soul bursting at the seems

you think you can try to preach

you think you can try to see

there is nothing left for you

there is nothing left of me

for my mind, for my soul and for my life

i stand united

both feet planted

6 feet under ground

with satan in my hand

and a smile in face

your look of horror says

i've found the right place

open season, give me a reason

to spare them

open fire and i get higher

on this feeling

overpowering, overwhelming

my insanity

choke on my bullets

for your vain pleas

senseless vanity

color draining, black blood staining

devoid of reality

falling bodies, raining blood

no one here controls me

dropping souls

the bullet holes

filling my rage

one shot is all it takes

listen to your life

now hear it break

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