what came from my mind

alone in this darkness walking blindly to the light

i have no clue what i'm doing, where i'm going or how to get there

a swirl of thoughts rages in my mind, break my heart

and wound my soul

i want to die, hiding in the shadows watching the world go by.  

i feel the need to get out, to get up, to die

i want to love but i want to live, a choice i can not make, to no one i can give.  I want to be happy but i feel so insecure

my heart aches and my mind swells, thoughts of mad nature, my mind a stormy ocean.

i need a rock, i need an island to hold me fast, i want not to go down, to live on, to last.

just the shell of who i was, i feel so empty inside, i want nothing more than to crawl off and hide.  I need to talk, i need someone in whom i can confide, to tell the secrets my body wants to hide

my mind is confused and my heart abused. beat and busted abandoned and rusted...

i am someone else

i am no more

i am no one now and forever more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i just took a pen and started writing whatever came out of my mind

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