In the dark of night, a cold wind blows, my life’s my life, no matter where it goes,

A lie’s a lie, it’s coming from your eyes, you don’t know me, its plain to see,

The howling wind, and pouring rain, can’t hold a light, to my deep pain,

Chorus:you don’t know, you just don’t have a clue, of the feelings I have, for you,

It’s a cloud, that shadows me, the feelings run, like deep dark sea, cutting and stripping, my reality, across this stretch, of eternity, I can’t escape, this wretched fate, don’t stop now, it’s way too late


Down and out, life I doubt, my breaking point, I’m almost there, this loneliness, my heart can’t bear, I can’t abide, the feelings that I hide, you set my life, on fire, I need you now, my plea is dire

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