there are no words to tell you how I feel,

whatever it is, it’s for real

I’ve tried to get you to notice me,

it didn’t work, I feel like a flea


because I love you so much,

you will never know

I’ve lost it now, my heart’s in control

I pray you hear the words I’m speaking

my eyes and heart are now sullenly leaking

it’s very hard for me to explain,

you take away my everything


you’ve changed my life and didn’t even know it

this right here is how I show it

every time you smile you brighten up my day

a simple action from you will change my ways


how you’re doing this, you don’t know why

very frankly, neither do I

I really don’t care

but the loneliness is way too hard to bear


come and let me feel your life,

stare in you’re eyes,

come now and be near me,

you have no need to fear me


away from the circus of our lifes,

don’t throw away the heart at your command

I know you hear me ,don’t turn your eyes

open up and listen, I’ll do what you demand

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