I’m in the darkness, you are my light, together, all this heartbreak, we both can fight

I will embrace you with loving arms, thinking that here with you we won’t come to any harm

the immortal kiss was seemingly bliss,

as time stood still, our hearts paid the bill, and as our lips touch my felling is such that this moment will never end, I pray that to god, amen.

now every single day, every waking minute away,

and even in hollow dreams, I think of you my love supreme

no intense device of pain, could purge this love from my heart.

my love for you is purely true, without you, my loving heart, would surely break apart,

alone was just to survive, in your arms, I’m truly alive,

I want this moment to last, but it’s fleeing too fast, And as I realize my fear, I begin to tear, the end is now near, We must now part, but I speak these words now from my heart,

i love you

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