build me another breakdown

build me some more self hate

loathe me, i know i do

be my next disapointment.

show me how to do it right?

i'll fuck it up overnight

i feel nothing but hate

endowed with the need

to tell you to leave

just let me be

i don't need another wrong

why bother trying

i won't bother lying

i've got nothing to offer

nothing to give

nothing left

nothing for anyone

a shattered heart

and a broken mind

hateful thoughts

that no love can mend

remember how i used to be?


that was me

before betrayal

before lies

before i realized

which parts of me died

before i knew

before you knew

before i tried

nothing can change what is within me

nothing can change what happened

so take me whole

or walk on past

i've got too many demons

to try any more

look deep and see yourself

reflecting in me

i'm blank as this paper

crumpled, torn, and ruined

nothing can change that

but i'm still a part of the world

don't let me give up now

please, just show me something good

and promise me it will be allright

i dont care if its a lie

i just want to not care

and feel like i'm not me

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