Rest In Peace Andrew

You were always a friend to me

You’ll be more than what a memory

Is meant to be

Dragging up more dirt

i realize that you were

greater than I thought

a man so strong,

a friend I never fought

I never got to say goodbye

It doesn’t matter how hard I try

I won’t forget you or the things you tought me

You’ll always be more than a memory

Is meant to be

A friend is hard to find

Of all the crap that I have done

I never told you how Cool you were

How much I would miss you

It’s not how it’s supposed to be

If I could, I’d trade you for me

You had faith in things I could never take

You had strengths I couldn’t hope to fake

Andrew you were a king among men

I hope you can find forgiveness for me

In the end

Rest in Peace.

Hail my brother

Hail my friend

Rest in peace

Till the end of days

So rest in peace

Under god’s good grace

Hail my brother

Hail my friend

Hail fellow fatass.

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