fuck you


i can feel it now

come a little closer now

something i've got to show you now

feel it.... its yours

two of a kind in hell

there's nothing left to tell

but every day is nothing

compared to how i want to break you

you gave me something new

something grand

you fucking took it away

you're nothing but a name

every time you try

i think of your fucking

bullshit lies

you tried to make me hurt

you fucking succeed

but now i'm here

and i want you to bleed

i fucking hate you

and everything you are

fuck you

and everything you are

fuck you

and everything

you should be

you're nothing,

nothing to me

feel it

burning in your mind

feel this

don't try to justify

feel this

i hope you fucking die!

is it plain enough?

fucking clear enough?

dont' pretend to not know

don't even try

don't lie

you know i fucking hate you

crucify me

sweet talk me

show me everything

give me heaven

give me life

and rip it all away

trash it all

for nothing

for a moment

of fucking pleasure

you're living in a bullshit world

something you created

you claim to know

you claim so much

i am a product of your ways

nothing simple now

now i see everything, i hear

your mask is fucking clear

fuck yourself

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