dehumanized, abused and died, inside your soul

the life he's taking, your will is breaking

will you feel how my soul is reeling from the feeling of the dehumanization, wipe the fear away, die another day, feel the dehumanized, wounded pride, abused and died, writhing from the power of the strong, feeling the anhialation of your mind.  fists are flying , but my soul is dying, wanting to come to your aid, if you will take my hand i will carry you away, to another time and another place, your life will be remade.  i will not stand idly by and watch you wither and die, life is meant to be lived

the inhumanities, the indignities, the dishonor, i will carry you and take you to a place of love and life. dehumanized, paralyzed, beaten and broken.  i will make your life worth it.  bruised and bleeding dark and seething, i will purge the madness from your world

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