this world is lost

This world is lost

In shadows

In frost

This world is drawn

To imperfection

To the end of dawn

One can only stand strong

Fighting sadness, fighting anger

For so long

The walls will crumble

And the soldiers fall

Negative passions

Break me

So long, and long gone

The world has taken me

It’s breaking me

My will to fight

Is taken, breaking away (to nothing)

The shadows that cover me

To stay alive, a task for me

I hold strong, not for me

A chain that breaks

Is that of faith

In the world of my imperfections (abominations)

The few that backed me

Now are gone

Faces in the fog

what was my protection

now is gone

what more to do

no sense going on

fight to the last

I’ve reached my last string

Tell me what does it mean

To be alive

Truly feeling and not just breathing

Dealing with the pain in my mind

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