You told me I wasn't good enough

With every word that left your lips

Accusations of pain and misery

And unwanted drunken trips

Through hate and jealousy

That you wish you didn't feel

Today or tomorrow, or even tonight

When you'll put on your coat of steel

Warding off the demons in the night

That come to drag you away

Into the darkness and oblivion

That comes with the light of day

But your armor is only so thick

It's only so strong

I know I've hurt you, girl

I know I've done you wrong

But that's all in the past, by now

As you run away from me

Telling me you'll be there to listen

To these painful words from me

But I don't want to listen

To these words you say to me

I'll burn your hair with these tears of mine

Then you'll truly see

That somewhere deep inside

I thought I had seen the end

Of a road I'd rather not travel

For all it's twists and bends

Cuz I'm tired of always turning

And losing sight of you

But maybe I'm just a lost soul

Forever chasing you.

February 3, 2003

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