Untitled -- 5.4.2005

I no longer ask questions, For I have learned that the answers we seek we don't really care to know, and subconiously we already know the answers, So here we sit in silence, saying nothing, and yet expressing everything, As time passes we scream on the inside , and struggle to keep a straight face on the outside, So conflicted and disturbed by our inner thoughts, the guilt, the pain, the finger of blame, that we are shameful enough to point,

We are so regretful that we don't think to take chances anymore, only sit on the sideline watching others make mistakes, instead taking from our indescretions and turning them into life learned lessons,

What is life if you can't be free?

Too many restrictions and rules, too many things we're told not to do, I won't settle for it anymore, I will no longer live life as a puppet on a string, falling victim to their every demand, I do as I please now, More times than I count I am left alone in my conquest, my journey to self discovery and freedom, but I don't care, I embrace my Individuality, my scuffed up shoes, my non-conformist t-shirts, my huge hoop earrings, my several different accents,

I chose not to ask questions, Instead I just make my own answers

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