The bunny and the turtle

After a catastrophic and devastating day, the sun finally came up that morning. There were no trees, mountains, flowers, lakes, rivers, humans or any kind of nature or living thing, all the beauty and grace of earth had disappeared. There was nothing else but two innocent little animals that suddenly came out from nowhere. One of them was an old turtle with scars in her shell and wrinkles in her whole delicate skin; she was trapped under a rock saving her from this catastrophe, as she was staring around her, realizing everything was gone and that she was completely alone. When she started to get desperate and sad, she saw a young bunny running.

“Hello? Is someone alive?” The bunny yelled out.

The turtle yelled back “Here, I’m here! I’m alive!”

The bunny very surprised and thrilled ran to where the turtle was and they talked about what happened.

“I don’t know where my family is! I fell unconscious because of a rock and now I don’t know where they are! I want to know if they are alright.” The turtle said

“Well, I was here alone, I have no family. But I can help to find yours even though it will be difficult…” The bunny whispered with pity.

“I don’t care, I will find them but we have to do it now.”

“Yes, the faster we go, better”

When they were talking the ground started shaking, it was an earthquake. The bunny quickly ran while the turtle tried to run but she couldn’t run because she was not as fast as the bunny, she was old, and she was a turtle. Thinking about her death, the turtle was fighting for her life trying to run as fast as she could to somewhere safe.

The bunny realized that he was alone again, he knew that nobody else was alive only the turtle that he left behind, so he looked back climbing a rock looking for the old turtle. After looking around and not finding her, the bunny continued his way

“Poor turtle, I hope she can find her family” the bunny whispered with sadness in his face and with a feeling of loneliness, he regretted that he left her.


The bunny kept running for a long time, while the turtle was still walking among the stones the earthquake left. Both of them were looking for someone, the turtle was looking for her family and the bunny for any creature that was alive because he had the simple desire of not being alone. None of them found what they wanted, even though the bunny ran faster, that doesn’t mean that he will reach his “goal”.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Made by me and Ivan Pérez

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