you used to tell me that you loved me

and it was i you said you wanted to marry

when i looked into your eyes and when we hugged

I could feel how you felt, an overwhelming love

You said i could trust you, that you'd never break my heart

Now you're losing it, slowly falling apart

You cheated, lied, dumped and crushed me

again you're getting high to set yourself free

its the only way to forget and hide your feelings

your turning into everything you hate, even a weakling

you knew we wouldn't see each other over the summer

but u couldnt wait 2 more weeks n stay faithful you lil fucker

its funny, you were always afraid i'd cheat on you

but you're da 1 who forgot about me n started datin someone new

You're such a hypocrit, you've lost all my respect and trust

yet still i love you, i hope you dont let your life turn to dust

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