"Prayer Of The Lord"

My lovely children

Who art breathed forth from Me unto the earth

Precious are your names

So much so that I have written them down on small white stones

That only you and I will know

Open up thy hearts and let My Kingdom come and flow without and within deeply

Thy spirits be carried by My love My Purpose My Heart

As all things begin and end in Me

I give abundantly freely in each moment bread and water

To be consumed unto Eternal transformation

Forgiven are all offenses

So let forgiveness pour forth to all under the sun

And I will lead you all to green pastures near still waters if you will follow

For My Kingdom is Eternal

Where the first will be last and the last first

Where there will be no more darkness sickness or sorrow

And I shall wipe away every tear from your eyes

For I Am the Way 

The Light

Love Peace Life

For ever and ever until the end of the ages


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just my interpretation of the Lord's Prayer as I imagine God would speak to us, to let us know He is there, and He cares.

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