"Tree For The Sick"

eBook (Draft)

Almost 20 years has passed

At last another chance
Metal round
Into the box
With hands reaching out

Still remember how you smell
Staying afloat on my tears in hell
Heart broken
Only God knows
How much
I loved you
How much
I missed you

Is anything so real?
What do I lack to feel?
Nostalgia a severed thread
Points and chemical seeds
On a plane of subsequent thirst


I wish I could hold your hand once more
Your smile brought me
The life of life
I'm sorry that I hurt you
I loved you
I'm sorry
I have to go


Interpret freely
Words swallowed
Feelings spent
The red sun buried under
The grey clouds
My love
My loved
I ache
I ached
I'm sorry
I sorrow
I love


This wood
Would be best
For me to bare
Forget summer days
Breezes in your hair
Lovely perfect
A shadow
Of dust
I loved
I love
I must go now

It is best

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