"The Last Day (Until The End Of Time)"

I hope this finds you

I had a wonderful time
Yesterday I was very glad

We met in such a beautiful place
With the beach
The lake
Good food
And a conversation

We were outside of time
In eternity, for that short time
A bubble of infinity
A lot of my cares disappeared

A few pictures I took
The first one forever exposure

With the sun shining
Along the water
A pathway of light
As if God was inviting us to walk
Into his eternal loving arms

I was so happy you showed me
Where she was
And invited her to our gathering

Her words were comforting to me
I did feel a deep sense of love and peace
That I rarely feel, so it must have been God,
Through her showering us with that grace of peace and joy

There is so much to be grateful for
Only if we could realize that even in our deepest weakness
And wickedness that God turns our fruits from poison into the wine
Which is the life force of grace and love
Sheltering us until we too become “beings of light”

We will look back upon that day
In the ever present eternal now
In God’s presence and smile
And be filled with even more joy knowing that
All those we have loved and that have loved us we’re there watching us
All along

Peace in all things,
Until the end of time

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