"Newcomb's Paradox"

How do I win?

A little magick left to settle in the rain
Evaporates into a razored mist

To not try, results in nothing changed
To try, claims only failure's sails
Proplexed by choice
I convulse logically to resolve my absolution

Petty indifference
Carving numbers into grain on the Ship of Theseus
It's raining, but I don't believe that it is

Am I dreaming Hutton?
Which came first?
I don't know

Welcome to the real world
I know that I know nothing at all
Practice moderation in all things
Including moderation

How do you play a game against an omniscient opponent?
Love never can be a game won
Only played out to the masses opiated
By fears of dying and non-existance

I'm In need of something
Which can only be had by not being in need of it

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