"Calling Heaven Collect From A Broken Pay Phone Booth In Elwood, PA"

The glass on the door shattered,

No phone book or directory to be found

Dutsy, numbers tatterd, worn, I can barely can make out

The 6's and 8' on the dial


[I grab the receiver and with my shaky hands press the tonal keys firmly, trying hard not to dial the wrong numbers. 1-7-7-7-7-h-e-a-v-e-n. Ring. It's ringing. Ring. Ring.]


[Operator, Heaven here]


St. Peter?


[Yes son, who is it that you are looking for?]


Gay Rossi of blessed memeory sir, wife of Albert Rossi

She sings beautifully, plays guitar


[Let me see. Oh yes, Gay Rossi, I have a contact number for her, one moment please while I connect you. Thank you for calling heaven, have a nice temporal existance. We'll see you soon]


[The phone rings, the sound of it is an angelic chime. The someone picks up]



Gay Rossi?

Gay are you there?

Are you there Gay?


It's Steven from Earth

From Rochester, NY

I am Al's spiritual son and patient

Well more like adopted, lost stray


[Oh yes Steven!!! Albert has spoken so much of you!!!]


How are you Gay?

I've heard your beautiful voice so many times

Al speaks all the time about you

We never met but I feel like your and old friend


What's that you say?

I know the connection is bad

I'm at an old phone booth in Elwood, PA


I have so much to ask you

What is it like, death?

What is heaven like?

Is the splendor describable?

Is Jesus near?

Do animals live there?

Loved ones?

Can you see us now?

Does Jesus laugh when we act as children?

Does He comfort us in death?

Can He hear our tears?

What kind of clothes do people wear?


[Oh my, so curious you are, a keenly perceptive fellow]


I wish Gay

I mean I'm so scared

I long for peace

On Earth I'm lost

I'm calling because Al said you'd my friend

Even though I feel like I don't deserve any

Can you ask Jesus why the wind blows as it does?

Can you ask Him how not to be afraid?

How to be brave and live with passion and joy?

Maybe I can talk to Him for a minute,

If the operator doesn't interrupt

It's hard for me to even make this call

I'm filled with shame and self pity

But as soon as I rang you answered

Your an angel and I am so grateful


I must go now

But tell Jesus I need lots and lots of help

I really do

Oh and Al says hi

Love you


[Bye Steven, He and I will always be with you]


[Click. Tone]

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