"Got To Get Back"

I got to get back to that place

To that time in my head

Where I thought that I could live

Now you see

I feel like I got no power

I got no choice, I'm a ghost, a voice

That I'm just cemented in my locale

In my heart stuck in the deep in the depths

How did I end up this way?

Where did my youthful passion joy?

Why can't I be excited anymore?

I'm just empty

No faith left

Just anger

Tired of it all

Weathered and spent

My brain is blank like the sky

Before I had dreams

But somewhere along the way

I feel out of love with the world

Life means nothing to me

I'm a fleshy robot with organic innards

Doing automatic what my DNA

And neuro-chemicals tell me

What does that make me?

Am I less than human now?

A machine with no soul?

It's how I feel

How I breath

It's how I deal

How I eat

It's how I stand

How I think

It's how I sank

How I swim

It's how I fake

How I fall

It's how I sleep

How I crawl

It's how I come

How I pause

It's what I saw

That made me numb

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