"Crux Of Duality"

Maybe gravity?

My hair curled all straight and wavy


Sh!t cracks me up, sh!t cracks down


Quaint random spells float faintly

A new around intellectual dawns


Delicious mediocrity sprinkled

Upon beamed aspirations too well done

Burnt by laughter


Sand upon steel

Upon sky

Upon surreal


Thermostat shone one zero ahead of four

Wind soulfully dejected

Bad foot hit the floor


The roles we relish

The world on fire

Water, water, blind desire


Forgiveness is an illness

Light up a bulb too far

The sun waits for atonement

It cries another star


Soil churned and drenched

The soul of our consciousness lies in the mess


Parody, tragedy, comedy

All points of a different view

High voltage outlets, so many, so few


A rash of indifference plagues this page

A cut of a certain sensation gives life to my veins


And another one

Add another one


Sweet, so soft

So low, imagine, delight

In colors uncontrolled


A crowd without a show

A winter’s past without snow

A silver crown, gleaming without a king

A lover’s vow without a ring


I prefer poison to straight up deception

At least I can taste what you think

Make a last meal out of what you feel

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