Liquid symmetry stoned sober clashed

Black bubbles burst by sentimental stranded threads

Lacking the harsh symptoms of lingering demons masked

Scavengers of temptation’s hand drunk from regretful vapors

Casting off their mojo spells anew

This encapsulated existence

Of cheap colognes and cuff links

Magic wings and useless things swallowed

Force tragic consequences of subdued repression

Violent circumstances of aborted saline trials

Allegorically feeding the upper accent of mistaken signs

A captive whore a Queen becoming

Princes who stole from themselves all along

A choir of iron chains moaning heavy bones

Nickel anchors keeping one after the other

After the other tied together

Knots needing the same

Restrained magnificent forgiveness

Glistening in Hell’s tide

Headless masters casting paper bag yokes

Cut off from seemingly endless sexual accusations

Waterfalls made of twice recycled plastics fell

Opening windows revealing dramatic polar stills

Parched asexual fluids drinking from stale pools of vinegar

Sunglasses stained with stagnant sun prints

Reflect a sarcastic, jealous wink

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