"If The Stars Fell"

eBook (Draft)

If the stars fell

From the sky tonight

I wouldn't cry

And if the sun stopped shining

I wouldn’t care


Seeing your eyes

Would set me


To be

Holding you

Is Eden


Lets get lost under the covers

My heart next to yours

Turn lights low

Secret lovers

Grasp your touch

Time would stop

And hold everything I’ve found

My lips against yours

In our embrace

My eyes on your face


Forever’s not long enough

To be with you

Tie me up

I won't struggle at all

Why would I want be free from you?


The time you’re not here my heart’s

Busy beating extra beats for you

Breathing like I was thirsting for you

Hoping that you breathed the same breath

Once thinking of me


And when a star cries

It's nothing but rain

And I'm just hoping

I don’t love in vain

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