"Heaven Can’t Wait”

eBook (Draft)

Minds in touch

With hearts unbound in warmth

Aware that

Eyes like ours

Beats and breathes

We know all to familiar

In our wakeful slumber

That our fragile shells

Are only a shadow

Of our eternal spirit

We love one another

Despite how painful

It is at times

The greater the love

The wider the roads which we let those

We love walk on with us

This is the paradox which is the narrow path

But also the path of letting one’s own self go

To free that which becomes our world

Giving unto those who we swim

With in these currents abound

Swirling April winds

Of days where memories

Clench our souls

Thoughts of those

Who we remember

Still holding them

Inside close

We remember

Because we love

We set free

So the light can rise above

And Heaven can’t wait

Much more

When it shall

Embrace us all

And our love will

Become full

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