I can feel your frustration weeping

An angry fire rising from depths

Of Hades

Engulfing vanity

I know you want to destroy

All things of beauty

It’s in your eyes, the windows to

Your true intent

Instead of an easy yoke

I pull one meant for a beast of burden

Such as an oxen or a bull

The wait is crippling

I want to just set it down and run away

But I fear the master will come quickly

And punish me for my disobedience

That's why you walk around believing

That the these things which hurt

Are all punishments from God

For your sin?


I still fear His wrath whenever

I do something dirty

I'm never going to be good enough for Him

For anyone

Or for Heaven


You do seem screwed up

Not living the "narrow path" are we?

No peace now

Know these things

No hope for future times

These days I'm more robot than man

Doing things which are just habit

Or ingrained in my members

Hungry, I eat

Tired, I sleep

Need money, work

That's my life in 44 ASCII characters

What do you say when asked, how are things?

I got nothing

None to be one with

No faith to share

No children to grow

No oceans to fill

No days to look forward too

No futures bright

No dreams to dream

No joy to spread

No wisdom to lend

No heart to pin

No life to live

No purpose to give


That's me in an almond nutshell

The size of Montana

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