"Folie A Un"

eBook (Draft)

Eat out

Taste alluring auroras with wavelength sense


Loose quark particle perceptions

Distant galaxies melting


The lost are the only ones found

Warm, flowing sensations


A lunar satellite

Until your gravity pulled me in


A black hole tragedy

And the dust from your burnout was my neutron fuel


It don't make sense to feel

My mask's so bold it's real


I'm still the fool

And you're still Wormwood


Heart imploded created fission

Movement of all air streams shortened


Don't let your combustible vapors dry up

Someday they'll turn into methane rain clouds

Pouring down on some distant Terra ground

Causing mercury ivy to sprout


Newton's 1st law steps in

And then I fell


The only real need is to be love and wanted

To be sought and desired


Love is a string

Of unlikely coincidence


Random ghosts

Science explained


Crashing into you was a cruel day

Burning up into cosmic nothingness, invisibility


The madness of one that loves is

A never ending misery

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