"Walk In The Park"

It's time
Already? Just yesterday it was Sunday
Yeah John, it's time, c'mon, get up

Mr. John Smith
Being having been
Found guilty of the crime of murder
In the 1st degree
Here in the state of Texas
You are hereby sentenced
To the punishment of death by lethal injection
To be carried out this morning at 12:02 AM CST

Oh no it's 11:53PM already!
I just finished my tuna steak
Has anyone heard from the governor?

John this way

Remember to take small steps
When you are walking
You'll have more time then John

Father forgive me!

The floor is so shinny
I wish I was a green tile
Or maybe that post
Or even a light switch!

WAIT !!!! NO !!!!

Right here John
Relax now
Have a seat
Don't be so tense
It will be all over soon
Want a cigarette?

No I didn't do it!!
I tell ya, I AM INNOCENT !!!!

Sure, that is what they all say


Hold still John
It will only take a second
There, relax
Now was that anything to die about??

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