Hole Heart

When I was born my mother and father both gave me half of their hearts,

When my dad died, he took his part he let me borrow back,

When my best friend moved away she took away half of what was left,

And I guess since 15 I've been running on bout a quarter..

Everyone in my life holds claim to a piece,

Every friendship I leave they take a bigger chuck then they were suppose to have,

Every ex-boyfriend I've ever had doesn't want to take a piece with him he just wants to step on the whole thing,

And I guess since 21 I've been running on an beaten broken eighth..

When I decided to surround myself with people who loved me just as much as I loved them,

Who let me borrow chucks that were bigger than I claimed,

Who found the ice and bandages just to ease it's pain,

Thanks to them.. I'm almost whole.


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