City on A Hill

City on a hill,

were everything is better

but no one is really real

that's were I attend

at that city on a hill

Violence happens every day

but not on this hill

for reality is fictional

and pretend is the new real

the sirens blast all night long

but in the morning nothing happened

just another ticket

a loud neighbor

held up traffic

and that is how it works

when you are the city on the hill

everyone is married

and the diamonds are real

everyone has money

and no one is to blame

all we do is pray and pray

but never try to change

the preach we should be open minded

but everyone is closed

because if you don't follow these rule

you have to go

we pretend to be friendly

and helpful to all

but is it really being Jesus

to only help in the fall

to require change to pass

and report freewill as a sin

I thought Jesus loved everyone

why is it so hard to get in?

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